EcoUp as an investment

EcoUp as an investment

EcoUp's role is to promote sustainable, low-carbon and resource-wise construction.

EcoUp is a combination of profitable and stable core business and opportunities generated by new technology. The company is best known for its carbon neutral Ekovilla insulation brand. Energy-efficient circular economy is at the heart of the company's business. EcoUp wants to be part of the sustainable future in construction.

Why invest in EcoUp?

1. Established, profitable and stable core business

EcoUp has been involved in the insulation business for over forty years. We have special expertise in insulation manufactured from recycled wood fibres, a comprehensive installation organization in Finland and the strong Ekovilla brand. Measured by revenue, we are the largest manufacturer of recycled fibre-based board insulation in the Nordic countries. The number of new detached houses built annually and, thus, the demand for insulation has remained relatively stable for a long time, despite the cyclical fluctuations in the economy and the construction sector

2. Regulation supports business growth

Our business is based on the goals of the circular economy, reducing the use of virgin materials, energy efficiency and carbon neutrality.

A number of legislative projects are ongoing at both national and EU level, whose objectives are consistent with the company's objectives.

3. Good business conditions to grow consumer business

In 2021, we launched a turnkey Ekovintti attic joists renovation concept for consumers under the Ekovilla brand. Our prerequisites for growth in the consumer business are good based on strong brand recognition, a comprehensive installation network and the acquisition carried out this year that expanded our high-efficiency vacuum cleaning capacity. EcoUp's management has strong experience in establishing and running specialized consumer sales organizations.

4. Strong experience in developing and commercializing new products, services and technologies

EcoUp Group has over 20 years of technical experience in developing equipment and processing methods for own use. The functionality of the methods and technologies for processing mineral-based insulation waste have been verified with own production in Finland that started in 2021.

The company has applied for a Finnish patent and right to a utility model for the technology it has developed. Based on the Finnish patent application, the company intends to file an international patent application.

5. Strong evidence of developing and commercializing low carbon solutions

During 2019, we started trading CO2 Removal Certificates based on our own production at the trading platform, which offers our customers and partners the opportunity to offset carbon dioxide emissions. Examples of successful joint projects include the carbon neutral detached house concept ECO2 launched by DEN Finland Oy and the Rewool concept we implemented with Paroc Group.

6. Experienced management and owners

In addition to operational management, EcoUp’s Board of Directors has extensive experience in international and responsible business in listed companies, as well as industry competence.

EcoUp's financial targets by the end of 2026

Financial targets of the insulation business

Revenue EUR 40–45 million

EBITDA EUR 6–8 million

Financal targets of the technology business

Positive EBITDA by the end of 2026

Dividend policy

Dividend distribution 30–50 percent of EcoUp's financial result

The targets to be achieved through organic growth of both business areas.


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