Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

In accordance with the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act and the company’s Articles of Association, the responsibility for the supervision and administration of the company is divided between the Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors and the CEO.

Good governance

Responsibility, ethics and knowledge of good governance are strongly represented in the company's Board of Directors and management, and EcoUp operates openly and transparently.

EcoUp’s management has extensive experience of listed companies and the practices of good corporate governance, in addition to which most members of the Board of Directors are independent of the company.

The company will continue to comply with ESG reporting where applicable, considering the size of the company and the scale of its business. Responsibility runs through the entire organization of the company, and EcoUp employees are also committed to the company's operating principles.

As part of developing good governance, EcoUp also aims to promote the diversity of the company's Board of Directors and Management Team.

The company does not comply with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code issued by the Securities Market Association, because it does not find it justified given the size and business of the company.

Group structure

The EcoUp Group consists of the parent company EcoUp Oyj and its subsidiaries Ekovilla Oy, Ekovilla Sverige AB, Eko Asennuspalvelu Oy, Uudenmaan Imupalvelu Oy and Suomen Puukuitueriste Oy.

The parent company of the Group, EcoUp Oyj, is responsible for the Group's sales, management and product development activities and engages in business activities related to circular economy technologies. Ekovilla Oy promotes circular economy in construction and ecological construction by utilizing recycled materials as raw materials for its products. Uudenmaan Imupalvelu Oy, in turn, is an important route to raw materials, because different work sites provide reusable materials for manufacturing new products. Eko Asennuspalvelu Oy is responsible for implementing the installation services of Ekovilla Oy, and Ekovilla Sverige AB is the sales company of Ekovilla Oy in Sweden. Suomen Puukuitueriste Oy currently has no operations. The Group companies have decades of experience in materials handling and circular economy.