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Strategy and financial targets

Our strategy is to promote green building by providing solutions to the growing need for ecological building solutions, and thus grow profitably and sustainably. Regulatory developments to reduce emissions in construction, promote circular economy and improve energy efficiency support our strategy.

EcoUp's customers are operators in the construction, waste management, and recycling sectors, as well as manufacturers of construction products, who want to increase the environmental benefits and reduce the negative effects of their own operations, without compromising quality and competitiveness.

The forces of change affecting our operating environment:

Climate change mitigation and the green transition

Demand for less polluting and organic materials is growing, and economic actors are constantly striving for a smaller environmental footprint. This is also encouraged by the objectives of sustainable financing and taxonomy regulation, among other things. In addition, domestic and EU legislation is rapidly steering construction in a more sustainable direction, from cutting emissions from the manufacture of building materials to improving the energy efficiency of the built environment. With the increasing pursuit of ecology, we believe that the demand for circular economy products in the construction sector will grow, which will support our business.


Due to urbanization, people are living ever closer together, placing ever higher ecological demands on buildings and infrastructure. Building and infrastructure owners are placing increasing emphasis on higher ecological standards and low emissions in their investments. We estimate that the renewal of the building stock and the demolition of buildings will accelerate the demand for EcoUp's products and services.

Market trends are driving a shift from the use of virgin materials towards more sustainable solutions. There are also EU-level targets for the reuse of demolition and construction waste, which require new solutions, technologies, and policy decisions.

Circular economy

To tackle the climate crisis, loss of biodiversity and overuse of natural resources, we believe it is essential to promote the circular economy. At the heart of the circular economy is the use and preservation of the value of products and materials for as long as possible. EcoUp has created an economically successful, circular economy-based business model that improves the recycling rate of materials and opens up the possibility of providing carbon-neutral recycled materials to the entire construction industry. We are constantly developing new reuse concepts and technologies through our own product development. Our oldest circular economy product is over 40 years old Ekovilla insulation, made from recycled wood fiber, and new concepts are being developed based on the priorities of our growth strategy.

Mid-term financial targets:

The financial targets of the insulation business by the end of 2026 are:

  • Revenue EUR 40–45 million
  • EBITDA EUR 6–8 million

The estimated investments of the insulation business are an average of EUR 1.5 million per year.

The financial target for the technology business is to be positive in terms of EBITDA by the end of 2026.

Investments in the technology business are made in accordance with the development potential of the business.

The targets are to be achieved through organic growth of both business areas.

Dividend policy: The goal is to distribute 30–50 percent of the company's financial result as dividends.